The best coffee shops in Hanoi Vietnam

I know, drinking coffee is your habit. And if you are traveling in Hanoi Vietnam so you can not forget to enjoy a cup of coffee in Hanoi Vietnam.

best place for coffee in Hanoi
Thuy Ta Coffee and Hoan Kiem Lake - the best place for coffee in Hanoi. Photo: Le Anh

In Hanoi, my advice for you, that is you should walk up to the Hanoi Old Quarter to drinking coffee and see the beauty of a Hanoi with messy architecture that is unlike anywhere in the world.

And just in Hanoi Old Quarter, there are thousands of coffee shops but there are only some places are the best and most beautiful. So do you know where the best coffee shops or houses in Hanoi is?

Here are the best coffee streets in Hanoi Vietnam and the most beautiful places for coffee that you should consult and choose:

1. Ly Quoc Su and Nha Tho street

2. Ta Hien street

3. Ma May street

4. Hang Bac street

5. Nguyen Huu Huan street

6. Bao Khanh street

Those are the places so many foreign tourists and domestic tourists interesting and usually frequenting.

best coffee houses in hanoi
Plus Coffee shop in Hanoi. Photo: Hoang Ha

The Hanoi people as us often change the places to drinking coffee in anywhere. But really, culinary connoisseurs are still choosing the coffee shops in Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy Hanoi coffee.

Maybe you have still not known yet, almost coffee houses in Hanoi are so small and humid. And somewhere, even you have to sit on the sidewalk to enjoy coffee. But it is not issue. My Hanoi is so that. Please read more: Best streets in Hanoi Old Quarter

best coffee shops in hanoi
La Place coffee house in Au Trieu street - one of the best coffee shops in Hanoi, near Hanoi Cathedral. Photo: Phong Lan

Coffee prices in Hanoi

I do not know how much is the prices of coffee in your country but coffee prices in my Hanoi is about 1$ (20.000 vietnam dong, this is the cheapest price). Some places and coffee shops are with the price is 1.5-2$... Read more: How much is a cup of coffee in Hanoi

However, the coffee shops and places I suggest above are just affordable places. If you want to find a elegant cafe shop and has the most beautiful view in Hanoi, you should go to two locations: The best coffee shops in Hanoi:

best coffee street in hanoi vietnam
Thuy Ta coffee shop in Le Thai To - Dinh Tien Hoang street, the best coffee street in Hanoi Old Quarter. Photo: Vien Nguyen 

1. Thuy Ta cafe beside Hoan Kiem Lake

2. Le Thai To cafe is also beside Hoan Kiem Lake

Those are the best places to view Hanoi's scenery and people. And for Hanoi people like us, here are the coffee shops where we usually frequenting: Trieu Viet Vuong street, Nguyen Du lake and street, Duong Thanh street...

If you like the beauty of Hanoi, well come to Hanoi. You also read more about the Best time to visit Hanoi Vietnam and some infomation about the weather in Hanoi