Hanoi weather at Christmas

Hanoi weather at Christmas
Thousands people go to the Hanoi Cathedral at Christmas night. Photo: Xuan Thanh

How is the weather in hanoi at Christmas?

Christmas is a great time for young people of Vietnam today. Everybody usually looking forward it is not rain and also not too cold.

But through many years of tracking the weather in Hanoi at Christmas, I have realized a rule repeatedly, that is Hanoi weather is very cold at Christmas night but has still dry sunny at the daytime. The temperature is about 21-25 degrees C.

However, Hanoi people usually say that Hanoi weather is the most cold at Christmas Eve.

At Christmas Eve, the temperature in Hanoi can be reduced down to 15-17 degrees Celsius, while in Sapa (Lao Cai) and the high mountains, the temperature is 9-10 degrees C.

Hanoi weather at Christmas 2
The image of the Hanoi Cathedral at Christmas night. Photo: Ngoc Hoa

In the period of time (about over 1 month) from Christmas to the New Year or Vietnamsese's tradition Tet (read more: Travel in Vietnam during Tet), the weather in Hanoi and the North of Vietnam will become the harshest: the temperature always reduced to 10-15 degrees C, there are some weeks, the temperature is only 8-9 degrees Celsius in Hanoi, and Sapa or Lang Son also is 1-5 degrees C.

Hanoi weather at Christmas
Hoan Kiem Lake in the center of Hanoi at Christmas night. Photo: Xuan Vien

This is also the time when at Sapa (Lao Cai) or Mau Son (Lang Son) where maybe appear the snow or ice rain. The temperature maybe down to -1 degrees C. Snow often cause severe damage to farmers but this is a rare moment for the people of Vietnam are seen snow like in Europe or the Americas. From Hanoi, there are many young men and girls plan to Sapa to see and take a photo of the snow.

Sapa weather at Christmas
The white snow covering the fields in Sapa - Lao Cai. Photo: Duc Loi
But you should also remember that, while Hanoi is freezing cold at Christmas, but in Saigon, many people can still go swimming on the beaches from Christmas to New Year Festival because of hot weather or just a little cold in the morning.

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