Hanoi weather in September

How is the Hanoi weather in September?

In fact, the August is the beginning of the autumn in Hanoi, but still pretty hot. From early September onwards, the temperature in Hanoi starts to decrease gradually.

Hanoi weather in September
Hanoi weather in September is very good and many tourists also begin to Hanoi. Photo: Thuy Trang

During September, the temperature in Hanoi usally dropped to just around 28-33 degrees Celsius in the daytime, but is around 23-25 degrees C at night.

The majority of people who have good health still use air-conditioners to sleep at night, but for the elderly, they began to use a thin blanket to cover up.

In the evenings in September, when you walk along the ancient streets of Hanoi, or drinking coffee at any bar near Hoan Kiem Lake, you will feel the cool winds.

In September, from Hanoi, you can still go Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) for bathing on the best beautiful beaches.

Hanoi is a city located in the north of Vietnam. In September, while Saigon is beginning a rainy season so Hanoi has ended a summer (rainy season) and began the days with very cool and dry air (beginning of the dry season). Read more: Should I go to Hanoi or Hochiminh City

Hanoi weather in September
The image of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi in September & the autumn. Photo: Dang Phuong

The storms from the Pacific Ocean often "attacked" to Hanoi in the summer, but from September onwards to the end of year, the storms will moving to flood into the central and south Vietnam. Therefore in September, Hanoi will rarely appear the storm.

If you want to know more about weather in Hanoi in September, you also need understand that at this period of time, the sunshine is very beautiful, it is not flamboyant like summer, but the glow. It is the sunlight of the autumn. I just want to say that, Hanoi weather is very wonderful. Read more: Hanoi Autumn Photo

The September is also the start of wedding season. This is the period of time the couples usually plan to go somewhere to take the wedding photos. From September, the tourist go to Hanoi began to rise. As mentioned in the article: Best time to visit Hanoi, I also suggest very clearly that the best time to travel to Hanoi and Halong Bay is the period of time from the September to December or the autumn.

Overall, Hanoi weather in September is relatively comfortable, although  it is not the most beautiful. In fact, the real beauty of the autumn in Hanoi only began in October (related article: Hanoi weather in October).