Where is Hanoi night market (map and opening hours)

All about Hanoi night market food, map, opening hours and closing time in Hanoi Old Quarter

If you choose a hotel or guest house in the Old Quarter and want to discover nightlife in Hanoi, you should go to Hanoi night market.

hanoi night market map and photos
Hanoi night market opening hours: 6 PM at weekend. Photo: Minh Phuong

Where is the Hanoi night market?

Hanoi night market is 3km in length, starting from Hang Dao street and fountain in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake to the Dong Xuan market [Read more: Best street in Hanoi Old Quarter].

At the daytime, it is still the route for transportation and tourism, where Hanoi people and tourists can go into the center of old quarter. However at night, all of the vehicles and  means of transportation were prohibited from going in, this place just for the walk and sale.

hanoi night market old quarter
Hanoi night market in old quarter. Photo: Ninh Dang

Hanoi night market is a place located in the heart of the old quarter of Hanoi. Before, it was only a street for trading activities at night and take place spontaneously. Afterwards, the Hanoi government has planned and officially recognized it as a night market in Hanoi.

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What time is Hanoi night market opening and closing? 

But you note that there is not the night market at all days of the week, it is only held on three days at weekend, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

hanoi night market food
Hanoi night market food. Photo: Xuan Toan

Hanoi night market is usually opening at 6 P.M and closing at 11 P.M. On Saturday night, not only trading and sale, there are more interesting activities with music performances and folk arts of Hanoi as chèo singing, Quan họ, ca trù hát xẩm, lion dance... in Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc (Tonkin Free School Square) near Hoan Kiem Lake.

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hanoi night market closing time
Hanoi night market closing time: 23 PM. Photo: Nguyen Hai

Each night market, with about 2,000 booths were displayed, mostly items of clothing, textiles, souvenirs for tourists. You can also enjoy more exotic rice dishes at night food market (check in: Hanoi best foods) in Hanoi Old Quarter.

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This is Hanoi Night Market Map (find Hang Dao and Hang Ngang street):