Heritage house at 87 Ma May street, Hanoi Vietnam

In the Hanoi's Old Quarter, there is a special house which is called heritage house, that is the ancient house at 87 Ma May streer, Hanoi, where many tourists go to Hanoi can not forget to visit.

The old house at 87 Ma May Street Hanoi

Why is this house so special? Because this is one of rarely old houses which has been preserved in Hanoi untill today.

If you go to our Hanoi, you will see that althought called "the old quarter in Hanoi" but really this place could not keep many old houses as it is.

War and then the process of rapidly urbanizing, rising real estate prices ... have made many old houses being demolished, or they have been ruined by time.

There are many old houses, that brings charm and character of the architecture of buildings in Hanoi from feudal, had vanished completely. But fortunately, there are still remnants of some old houses in Hanoi, like the house at 87 Ma May street, Hanoi. It is also the home of the wealthy in ancient Hanoi.

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Here are some photos of Hanoi ancient house at 87 Ma May street:

The image to re-showed to ancient life in this house. Photo: Quy Doan

Place of worship ancestral with the faith of Vietnamese

This room is where homeowner to work

The room on the 2nd floor of the house is the bedroom

Family Dining Room

These antiques are kept for display to tourists

These antiques are kept for display to tourists. Photo: Quy Doan

Calor electric fan produced by France, it is one of the modern appliances and valuable assets of this house.
The old house at 87 Ma May Street was built in 1890, is a two-floors house with tubular architecture - the typical structure in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. In the middle of this house is the space to catch the sunlight. In 2004, the house was ranked as a national monument in Vietnam.

So far, the entire architecture and old material of the house still has been preserved intact.

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You should also note that, Ma May Street is a small street in the Hanoi Old Quarter, where there are many tourist companies, travel companies. From here, you can buy a tour you like to the famous tourist destinations like Sapa, Halong Bay, Nha Trang or Hue...