Is Hanoi water safe to drink for travelers?

When you're traveling to Hanoi as well as the major tourist areas of Vietnam, something that you will definitely be interested, whether it's drinking water is safe in Hanoi?

Tien Hai mineral water is sold in the Hanoi market. Photo: Bich Hue

I understand your worries. Maybe you also have a question: How to travel in Vietnam without getting sick? And here are my advise for you. I hope you can use this small experience to identify and prevent.

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In fact, the water sources in Hanoi are very clean and safe. The water plants in Hanoi are currently exploited water sources from two major rivers to provide for the people, that are Da River and Red River.

hanoi water safe to drink 2
Tien Hai mineral water in Thai Binh Province. Photo: Dinh Chuong

Of course I know that the quality of our water resources are not be as good as the water sources in your country. But we still use it to drink from for decades without any problems occur.

For me, Hanoi water is safe to drink.

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Despite this, I recommend that you only use tap water for bathing Hanoi and for brushing. You can and should buy the bottled spring water, mineral water to drink when you in the hotels or on the road to travel, in the Hanoi airport, visiting the Vietnam's villages.

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In Hanoi, there are many mineral water and spring water companies have brands such as: La vie, Aquafina, Tien Hai, Cuc Phuong... This is the source of water has been pasteurized. You also can use it for brushing if you do not like Hanoi's tap water.

hanoi water safe to drink
The image of Da River water factory in Hanoi: is Hanoi water safe to drink? Photo: Thanh Truc

For tap water, we never dared to drink it without boiling at temperatures over 100 degrees C. We only use it to bathing and brushing teeth. The tap water is not safe enough to drink
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