What is the name of Vietnam capital city?

Maybe you've heard the name of Vietnam, but maybe you do not know what is the name of Vietnam capital city.

What is the name of Vietnam capital city
Hoan Kiem Lake. Photo: Hoa Lam

What is Vietnam's capital name?

My country is located in Southeast Asia, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Vietnam has a history of 4000 years, has gone through several wars against Chinese invaded from feudal times and also underwent two major wars with the French and the Americans.

Now, the history is gradually receding and we are opening to welcome all friends and visitors from all countries to Vietnam.

Yes, the name of my country is Vietnam and the name of Vietnam capital city is Hanoi.

If Vietnam has the history of 4000 years, Hanoi also has a history of about over 2000 years. Ago about 2000 to 4000 years, the capital of Vietnam is located in Phong Chau - Phu Tho Province (from away Hanoi present about 90km to the northwest).

Hanoi capital photos
The Old Quarter in Hanoi capital. Photo: Manh Khang

When the Red River expanding to the east, forming the Red River Delta, the capital of Vietnam has been moving down in Co Loa [the era of An Duong Vuong emperor], a place situated at about 25km from Hanoi present, located to the north of the Red River.

And then, Vietnam fell to the period 1000 years of Northern domination (Chinese invasion). Until about the 10th century, Vietnam has won Chinese and gained its independence because of the merits of Ngo Quyen and Dinh Bo Linh. The capital of Vietnam has been moved to Hoa Lu - Trang An in Ninh Binh province, from Hanoi nowadays is about 90km to the south.

In 1010, Ly Thai To king (Ly dynasty) has decided to move the capital of Vietnam from Hoa Lu back to Hanoi, at that time called Dai La. And Ly Thai To has decided to change the name of Dai La into Thang Long, which means a flying dragon (or dragon up).

What is the former name of Vietnam's capital city?

Now, maybe you have known the former name of Vietnam's capital city is Thang Long (Dragon Up). If you still have not known yet where Hanoi is, please read the article: Where is Hanoi located in Vietnam?

Vietnam capital city
Image of Vietnam's capital city today. Photo: zing.vn 

Why did the king of Vietnam, Ly Thai To  decide to moving the capital to return  Hanoi? Because Hoa Lu is so small, not enough to become a big capital. While Hanoi is located in the middle of the Red River Delta, next to major rivers is very convenient place to trade, transport by waterways.

And more importantly, this is a beautiful place with feng shui. Because in the north and east of Hanoi is the Red River surrounded. To the west is Ba Vi sacred mountain (the highest in Hanoi) protection. So never in Hanoi have big storms, or tornadoes.

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