Best places to view sunset in Hanoi

I think the sunset at anywhere is wonderful equally. It is same in Hanoi Vietnam.

Best places to view sunset in Hanoi
The sunset on the West Lake - Ho Tay. Photo: Cao Anh Tuan

The Vietnamese do not have the habit of sunbathing and watching the sunset. However, there are many beautiful places to watch the sunset in Hanoi and if you are a enthusiast of natural beauty, you should enjoy it.

Here are the best places to view sunset in Hanoi:

One of the best places to watch sunset in Hanoi that is Ho Tay (West Lake in Hanoi). This is the widest lake in Hanoi and it is so much larger than Hoan Kiem Lake.

The most beautiful road in West Lake to watch the sunset is Thanh Nien - Co Ngu road. From here, you can buy a ticket to yacht to roam on the water of Westlake.

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When the sun downs, West Lake becomes larger and looks more mysterious. There are many best coffee shops on Co Ngu road to view sunset.

The distance from the Old Quarter to Westlake is just about 2-3km. You can walk or rent a bike.

Best places to view sunset in Hanoi
West Lake - Best place to view sunset in Hanoi. Photo: Hachi

The second place to view sunset and it is also beautiful, that is Long Bien bridge on the Hanoi Red River and you can call it is Red River bridge.

If you standing on the Red River bridge, you can see all panoramic of Red River and the sunset is shining down on the water in the afternoon.

Best places to view sunset in Hanoi
Best places to view sunset in Hanoi

I think, this is a best place to view sunset in Hanoi. In summer, the days lengthen, the sun is flamboyant and no one likes watching the sunset. However, in the autumn, sunsets in Hanoi is wonderful as a fairy world.

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Thin and misty fog at every afternoon in October will make the sun is lighter and sweeter, even unexpectedly gentle. If you'd like to travel to Hanoi Vietnam and watch sunset, you should read more this article: Best time to visit Hanoi or Hanoi weather in October + Hanoi weather in November

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