What is the Hanoi coffee brand?

If you go to Hanoi Vietnam, I am sure that you will not miss to drink the coffee in Hanoi. But do you know what the best coffee brand in Hanoi is?

Hanoi Coffee Brand - Hanoiweather.info
Hanoi coffee and street life. Photo: Le Hoang

In fact, Hanoi has not got any coffee brand. All coffee shops in Hanoi are selling the coffee from Central Highlands in South Vietnam with the brand is Trung Nguyen (a other name of Central Highlands).

When you arrive in Vietnam, you will found "cafe Trung Nguyen" brand everywhere, also such as in Hanoi.

Hanoi Coffee Brand - Hanoiweather.info
Trung Nguyen - Vietnam Coffee Brand - Hanoiweather.info

Not only Trung Nguyen coffee, in Hanoi has many different coffee brands. But Trung Nguyen has always been number one.

Have you ever heard egg coffee in Hanoi

Note that Hanoi does not grow coffee trees. All of the best coffee types are from Tay Nguyen Central Highlands.

Hanoi Coffee Brand - Hanoiweather.info
Drinking coffee in Hanoi - Hanoiweather.info

However, Hanoi coffee is difference compared to other coffees in each region of Vietnam by the different ways while making coffee.