Hanoi taxi scams: be careful

There are so many taxi companies in Hanoi but unfortunately, among them there are many taxi companies often fraud, not reputed for not only to foreign tourists but also domestic tourists.

Hanoi taxi
Please choose the most reputable taxi firms. Photo: Lan Anh

Along with the taxi companies that are working properly and very reputable, Hanoi also has some taxi firms often fraudulent.

Sometimes, some taxi companies although which are the very reputable companies, but if you do not pay attention, the taxi drivers can still cheat you through many ways of the sophisticated scams to get your money.

Here are the ways of the sophisticated scams which taxi drivers in Hanoi airport and in the center of Hanoi often use:

1. Fraud taxi charges per kilometer.

2. Use the cheating tricks to increase the counted number on the taxi meter

3. Do not use the taxi meter

4. Driving around on the multiple routes and that are not right with roadmap to increase the distance between the starting point and destination.

5. Demanding more your gratuities

Hanoi taxi
Staff on duty at the taxi switchboard in Hanoi. Photo: Lan Anh

In fact, Hanoi taxi prices may vary and change but all transport freight rates are regulated by Hanoi government and mandatory taxi companies must publicly post. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the listing price on taxis.

If you from Hanoi airport (Noi Bai airport) to the Old Quarter or the center of Hanoi city, you need know about the distance between Hanoi airport and Hoan Kiem Lake at this article: Taxi from Hanoi airport to Hoan Kiem

If you need moving from your hotel or hostel to any places in Hanoi Vietnam, you should ask hotel receptionists or any people about the distance from the hotel to there. If you know exactly about the distance, you can calculate the amount of money you need to pay to taxi drivers.

Signs to identify taxi scams:

1. There is not walkie talkie
2. No operation center
3. Trademark no credibility
4. Taxi meter inactive
5. Taxi drivers always soliciting tourists excessively

One tip for you, let choose the most reputable taxi firms in Hanoi as Hanoi Taxi Group, Hanoi Mai Linh Taxi, Noi Bai Airport Taxi...

If you only move short distances, should choose Hanoi motorbike taxi (called xe om).- Hanoi weather