How much is a cup of coffee in Hanoi Vietnam?

When visit Hanoi, you may need to know how much a cup of coffee in Hanoi is?

How much is a cup of coffee in Hanoi Vietnam 2
Cafe in Hanoi

I think the coffee in Hanoi is not really cheap as in many cities or other capital cities. A cup of coffee in Hanoi costs about 1$. This is the most cheap price. And there are many shops and hotels usually get very expensive price, such as 30.000 VND or 60.000 VND (3$), even 90.000 VND (4$). Of course these are the best luxury shops or bars in Hanoi.

How much is a cup of coffee in Hanoi Vietnam
Cà Phê Bờ Hồ - one of the most beautiful shops in Hanoi

According to the provisions of Hanoi city administration, all prices must be applied equally to both the people of Vietnam and foreign tourists. However, there are several coffee shops usually apply a separate price for foreign tourists, and usually a bit more expensive.

Have you ever drinking egg coffee in Hanoi yet?

There are so many coffee shop and cafe streets but where most foreign tourists often choose, that are Ta Hien street and Bao Khanh - Hang Hanh street or Nha Tho street. Please read more about the best coffee shops in Hanoi and Trung Nguyen coffee Vietnam