Hanoi winter season and winter temperatures in Hanoi

Hanoi winter season and winter temperatures in Hanoi

I am very glad  to know that you are interested in traveling to Hanoi Vietnam. One of the things that always makes me curious, interested as to why foreign tourists, especially tourists from the Americas, Europe and even South Korea, Japan ... usually want to Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the winter?

Hanoi winter season
Hanoi winter period. Photo: Van Ha

Most Hanoi people we often afraid the Hanoi winter weather because it is very cold. The winter season in Hanoi often come early and is not harsh as Japan, Korea and somewhere in Northern Hemisphere. But winter temperatures in Hanoi is also very low and somewhere in the northern of Vietnam like Mau Son (Lang Son Province), Sapa (Lao Cai Province) may be appear snow in December, January, February...

What's the weather and temperatures in Hanoi in the winter?

Hanoi winter period often starts from late of November and very cold during December of previous year to the February, even late of March of next year. In which, the lowest temperatures are at some days in December, Jenuary and February. The winter temperatures in Hanoi may may drop to 9-10 degrees Celsius and that is time which often be appeared in Sa Pa or Mau Son. We call it is deep cold.

winter temperatures in Hanoi
The winter temperatures in Hanoi

However, deep cold only lasts about 3-4 days to one week and then, the temperature may rise again at 15-17 degrees Celsius and there may be a few sunny days but still very cold.

Overall, in the three winter months, the highest temperature in Hanoi is at 18-19 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature is 9-10 degrees C.

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