The cheapest beer (prices) in the world

If say about the cheapest beer in the world, I think it is just "bia hoi Hanoi" in Vietnam.

cheapest beer
The cheapest beer in Vietnam and world

That's so right. Because its price is only about 8.000-10.000 VND per a glass of beer, it has the equivalent value as 40-45 cents. It is the beer price in Hanoi Old Quater, especially the fresh beer in International Bia hoi Corner.

If you go out to the suburbs of Hanoi, where beer prices are often cheeper, it costs only about 5.000-7.000 VND a beer.

cheapest beer in the world
The beer just in Hanoi

Five years ago, one glass of bia hoi beer in Hanoi cost just 2.000-3.000 VND (exchange rate of $ 1 is now more than 22,000 VND).

It is a popular fresh beer in Hanoi and some provinces in the North of Vietnam and it was not popular in Saigon.

In Hanoi, if you'd like to drink the beer which is more expensive, it is Hanoi beer of Habeco company and factory. It costs about 7.000-8.000 VND a bottle of beer if you buy it in any shop and costs about 12.000 to 20.000 VND a bottle of beer if you are in a beer restaurant.

See a bottle of Hanoi beer in my photo:

Bottle of Hanoi beer
Bottle of Hanoi beer. Photo: Tuan Hung

However, if you call a glass of German fresh beer in the Ham Ca Map building (Hanoi City View Cafe), it is always priced at 60,000 VND on the menu.

Yes, so the cheapest beer in the world is the fresh beer in Hanoi Vietnam.