Hanoi weather in January

Hanoi weather in January

January is month to start a new year but it is the middle of winter in Hanoi Vietnam. The winter season in Hanoi usually begins from November of last year to March of next year. But it is really cold in December and coldest in the January and February.

Hanoi weather in January
Hanoi weather in January. Photo: Hong Thao

The temperature in Hanoi in January usually drops to below 15-18 degree Celsius, even below 9-10 degree Celsius on the days with strengthening cold air from the Northen of Asian continent to North Vietnam.

The weather in Hanoi in January
The weather in Hanoi in January

At the same time, the temperature in all of the mountainous areas as Ha Giang Province, Cao Bang Province, Sa Pa - Lao Cai, Mau Son - Lang Son... drops to below 1-3 degree Celsius or 5-8 degree Celsius.

Not only very cold, Hanoi weather and temperature in January also has drizzling rain, so it makes everybody feeling much colder.

Temperature in Sapa Vietnam
Temperature in Sapa Vietnam: 0-1 degree Celsius in January

Vietnam weather
Vietnam weather: snow in Sapa. Photo: Hong Thao

In early or end of January, it may appears snow in Sapa (Lao Cai Province) and Mau Son (Lang Son Province). That are the days with temperature came down very sharply and deeply.

Yes, as I have ever mentioned that the best time to visit Hanoi is September and October but foreigner tourists and travelers often travel to Vietnam in the January was most crowded.

However, you also note that, after the cold days it will be sunny days, the temperature rises again at about 17-20 degree Celsius at the midday and noon and about 15-16 degree Celsius in the evening or night.

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