Trung Nguyen coffee shops in Hanoi airport

I am very glad when you come to Hanoi Vietnam. Hanoi airport may be the first place you put your foot down in Vietnam capital city.

Trung nguyen coffee hanoi airport
Trung Nguyen coffee Hanoi airport

Hanoi airport can also be a place for you to move to a different attraction which located on the territory of Vietnam or some countries in Asia.

However, no matter how urgent, you should enjoy taste of Hanoi coffee and you could drink it in any shop in the air port in an instant.

There are many coffee brands here but only coffee brand you should choose, it is Trung Nguyen coffee. It is also called Hightlands Coffee. Trung Nguyen coffee is the most famous coffee brand in Vietnam and everyone likes it.

The foods and drinks you should not miss:

1. Cheapest beer

2. Pho ga Hanoi

3. Bun cha Hanoi Vietnam

4. Hanoi bia hoi

The prices of a Trung Nguyen coffee cup are 30,000 - 35,000 Vietnamese dong (about 1,5$) a glass and the selling prices of coffee bag are over 100,000 Vietnamese dong (4$) per bag.

Trung nguyen coffee hanoi airport
Trung Nguyen coffee shop in Hanoi airport

You can also buy some Trung Nguyen coffee in Hanoi airport to take back home as the gifts for your friends or your parents.

Of course, if you drink coffee in the coffee shops in Hanoi air port, it is not as good as in Hanoi city center - read more: Best coffee shops in Hanoi

If you'd like a cup of Vietnam egg coffee, you have to go to the center of Hanoi, especially the old quarter in Hanoi