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Vietnam has thousands of unique foods and in Hanoi alone, there are also so many strange mouth dishes which I am sure you will enjoy.

Hanoi best street food
Hanoi best street food: Phở cuốn

When you come to Hanoi Vietnam, you can try and enjoy many different foods in the luxurious restaurants or hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake.

But it would really regret if you do not try to eat the street food and exploring the unique distinctions of Hanoi street food.

Yes, Hanoi street food which has made the unique to Hanoi travel. It is a thing almost travelers and tourists prefer when arrived in Hanoi Vietnam.

Best Hanoi street food
Best Hanoi street food: Roll Pho in Ngu Xa street, Hanoi

Why? Because Hanoi street food is really tasty and tasty very cheap. If you have with a Hanoi street food tour, you will meet a Hanoi capital where just in Vietnam.

So, what and where is the best street food in Hanoi?

To know what foods Hanoi has, you read the post: Hanoi must eat. In fact, there are so many dishes on Hanoi street but here are the best street food that I suggest you should try and taste once:

Best street food Hanoi old quarter
Hanoi baked rolls. Photo: Jame

1. Hanoi Pho - read more: Best Pho Hanoi

2. Bun cha Hanoi

3. Xôi nếp (Steamed sticky rice in the morning)

4. Bún ốc (Snail rice noodles. The specialty of my home town is snail rice noodles).

5. Bánh mì (Egg and spring rolls sandwiches)

Best Hanoi street food tour
Best Hanoi street food tour: Pillow cake

6. Chè hạt sen, chè đậu đỏ, chè thập cẩm, chè cốm... I do not know how to write and transtale it but it looks like lotus seed and root porridge, red bean porridge, and many others.

7. Bánh đa cua (Crab noodle)

8. Miến lươn (Eel vermicelli). I really like this dish

9. Bánh đúc (Molded cakes)

10. Tào phớ (Soya bean curd is compared to be "the Asian cheese")

Hanoi street food blog
Hanoi street food blog. Photo: 

You can find Hanoi street food anywhere but the place I'd like to suggest you, it is Hanoi Old Quarter. Because this is the places has best foods in Hanoi. You will see a Hanoi cramped, crowded but also very strange. You can eating Hanoi street food in a diner situated in along the old street, or buy dishes from the street vendors.

Best street foods in Hanoi old quarter are beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, fish noodle, crab soup, eel vermicelli...

Best street food in Hanoi Vietnam & Hanoi street food blog
Best street food in Hanoi Vietnam & Hanoi street food blog 

How much is a bowl of Hanoi street food? Very cheap! The price or cost of a bowl of Phở is from $ 1.5 to $ 2 and eel vermicelli, fish noodle is $ 1

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