Hanoi weather and temperature in May

Hanoi has four clearly seasons, including: spring, summer, autumn and winter. And May is the beginning of summer in the Hanoi capital as well as in the North of Vietnam.

Hanoi May Weather and Temperature
Hanoi May Weather and Temperature. Photo: Hanoimoi

In May morning, if you are in Hanoi streets, you will feel that the sun appears earlier than usual. The sun rises at about 5 to 6 A.M. And you can enjoy the beauty of dawn at Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi, where has the famous Turtle Tower.

Hanoi summer lasts from May until August. Then, sun lights will be weaker and Hanoi weather will begin to gradually turn to the autumn.

May is not the hottest time because it is just the beginning of summer in Hanoi. Temperature is just about 24 to 30 degrees Celsius in May. And you can still feel a bit cold or cool at night. Maximum temperature is 30 degree Celsius or rises to 33 degree Celsius on consecutive hot days but it is rarely.

Hanoi May Weather and Temperature
Hanoi May Weather and Temperature. Photo: Hanoimoi

Hanoi is just really hot in June to July, while the highest temperature can up to 39 – 40 degree Celsius. At night, it is still felling torrid, stuffy and uncomfortable until 10 P.M.

If April is the time when Hanoi weather begin to gradually move from spring to summer, called demi-season, then to May, Hanoi has entered to the really summer, which you can hear the cicada ticking on the top of trees in the West Quarter as Hang Bai, Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Tran Hung Dao St., or at the most beautiful streets as Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu St., both of them are located near Thang Long Imperial Citadel and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Although it starts to be hotter and more muggy, I notice that many visitors can still walk on the old town in Hanoi with bare head without a hat.

Hanoi May Weather and Temperature
Hanoi May Weather and Temperature: Sunny Street

If you go to Hanoi in the early summer in May, you should take advantage to visit the famous tourist attractions in the morning. Because in the afternoon, connective clouds are blown from the sea, started forming the huge thunderstorms in the West of Hanoi, making the rainfall (heavy rain is about one to two hours) together with strong winds, tornadoes, etc..

Therefore, it appears heavy rain caused severe flooding in peri-urban areas and in the West of Hanoi. Particularly, the old town is rarely flooded because it is located on high ground area.

And May is also the beginning of the rainy season in Hanoi as well as in the North of Vietnam. At the same time, in Ho Chi Minh city and in the South of Vietnam, it begins to enter the heavy rain season due to the thunderstorms which are brought from Indian Ocean.

Hanoi May Weather and Temperature
Hanoi May Weather and Temperature: flooding street. Photo: zing.vn

In this web, I’ve said several times that autumn from September to November has the most beautiful weather and is the best time to go to Hanoi, but it is also very wonderful to go to my city in the summer while all green trees making vitality for my Hanoi.

In the morning in May, if you drink a cup of Hanoi beer in the old quarter, you’ll clearly feel pure airflow of them. And you should choose a high position as Hanoi City view coffee to view entire of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Turle Tower.

If you have any questions about Hanoi tourism & Hanoi weather, please feel free to contact me.