Bat Trang ceramic village (Hanoi Vietnam) half day tour (wiki & address)

Just need a half-day tour to discover the beauty of Bat Trang handmade pottery village in Hanoi capital, Vietnam

Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 7
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam. Photo: tapchinhiepanh 

In Hanoi Old Quarter and many streets in the Western Quarter of Hanoi, there are a lot of tourist companies ready for the tour if you have a plan for visiting, taking photos at Bat Trang ceramic village.

However, in my opinion, you don’t need to book a tour because you may waste some money. Specially, Bat Trang ceramic village is so near Hanoi center, you completely can go to this village by motorbike or bicycle. If you want more sure and more clean (because suburban roads in Hanoi are so dusty), you just need to call a taxi and just say “Bæt ʧæŋ” and taxi drivers in our Hanoi certainly will take you to Bat Trang village entrance and ceramic market.

Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 6
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 

I’ve gone to Bat Trang several times to buy ceramics to display and taken my friends from Sai Gon to there to take photos when coming to Hanoi. Almost people in the inner city of Hanoi go to there by their motorbikes or private cars.

Particularly, students go to there by cheap bus or minibus.

We don’t often drive bicycle. However, you can rent a bicycle in a shop in Hanoi old town and deliberately drive to Bat Trang in the beautiful morning or autumn afternoon if you like.

Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 5
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 

How far and how long is from Hanoi to Bat Trang? Bat Trang is far 10 kilometers from Hanoi. The address of Bat Trang ceramic village: Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Bat Trang is old village located in the left bank of Red River (Hanoi center located in the right bank).

Previously, I used to move from Hanoi old quarter to Long Bien market and then go to Long Bien bridge or Chuong Duong bridge, I turn right and go along large dikes (dikes prevent floods on the Red River) to the south of Hanoi about 7 kilometers to Bat Trang ancient village.

At present, there has added 2 new bridges in Red river. They are Vinh Tuy bridge and Thanh Tri bridge. So you can go to Bat Trang ceramic village by passing Thanh Tri bridge. This ceramic village located near this bridge.

Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 4
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 

But I advise that you should cross Chuong Duong bridge then turn right, you can view the entire city of Hanoi from the other side of the Red river. On the way back in the autumn, sunset on the river is so beautiful.

Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 3
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam: Red River and sunset. Photo: Hachi8

You also can go to this village by bus from Long Bien market, Hanoi (it is far 1 kilometer from the center of old quarter) to Bat Trang.

Specific instructions:

You take a bus or motorbike to Long Bien bus station to caught bus No.47 from Hanoi to Bat Trang. Total time for moving is about 30 minutes. Bus fare: 7.000 VND (about 0.3 USD).

History of Bat Trang pottery village: about 500 years ago. Bat Trang ceramic village is located next to the slopes of the dike and views of the Red river. For hundreds of years, this place has been famous ceramic production batch. Up to present, it is traditional ceramic village in the style of the Vietnamese people. And this is able to the reason for many tourists want to visit there.

Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam 2
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam

If you are wondering what you should buy as a gift in Hanoi, you can go to Bat Trang and buy ceramics at very cheap price.

In the center of village, near the market, handmade ceramic workshops ready to make room for tourists try making pottery as ceramist. Fare only 10.000 VND/time (about 0.5 USD)

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You can do ceramics with your talent. If you want to bring your product back to the hotel, you just need to pay 20.000 VND for the workshop’s owner.

In addition hiring studios to make ceramics, take photos and view village landscape of the Northern Delta, domestic and foreign tourists also prefer renting "buffalo vehicle" to take a walk around this village.

Bat trang pottery village hanoi vietnam
Bat Trang pottery village Hanoi Vietnam: buffalo vehicle. Photo: Hanoimoi

After leaving bus or sending motorbike into the parking lot, you can ask someone where you can rent buffalo vehicle. Cost is from 150.000 to 200.000 VND ($7-9) and each one can carry about 10 tourists.

Then, you can go to Van Van Gallery, which is a small gallery about traditional Viet ceramics through ages, enjoying tea and watching beautiful items are exhibited there.

Half day is enough time for travelling in Bat Trang ceramic village.  And below is Bat Trang pottery village map: