Hanoi Vietnam weather in April

In Hanoi as well as the North of Viet Nam, there are 4 seasons in a year, include: spring, summer, autumn and winter. They change obviously. January, February and March are often known as Spring because they are the beginning of a year. In fact, however, in January and February, the weather in Hanoi is really cold. The North-east monsoons (known as the cold air masses which come from Asia continent to the South, the cold air come along with them) continuously blow to the North of Viet Nam (also called Tonkin). There is time that snow appeared in Sapa and Fansipan in Lao Cai province and Mau Son Mountain in Lang Son province (this is an extremely rare phenomenon in a tropical country as Vietnam).

Hanoi weather in April
Hanoi weather in April

Therefore in fact, Hanoi weather is still in the middle of winter in January and February. The weather is really cold, the average temperature is often about 15-18 degree Celsius, or even colder, about 10-12 degree Celsius.

Hanoi Spa Paradise in Ma May street (review)

This is my review about Hanoi Spa Paradise in Ma May street in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Spa Paradise Ma May
Hanoi Spa Paradise Ma May. Photo: Tripadvisor

Hanoi has many good spas for both foreign tourists and the people in Hanoi. However, foreign tourists usually go to Hanoi Spa Paradise and I suggest you can choose this place to relax during visit Hanoi.

The best spas in Hanoi Old Quarter

Best spa in Hanoi Old Quarter
Best spa in Hanoi Old Quarter

Here are the best massage - beauty and spas in Hanoi and Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam for your reference:

Visitting & travelling Vietnam during Tet Holiday (Vietnamese New Year - Lunar New Year) 2017

Tet is the most important day of the year in Vietnam. We all are waiting for Tet Holiday and traditional festiavals after Vietnamese New Year - Lunar New Year as   also hope to get the best things

Hanoi Vietnam during Tet
Hanoi Vietnam during Tet

On the Internet and other social networks, I have read many articles written by foreigners, tourists and cultural researchers about Vietnamese Tet Holiday (called Vietnamese New Year or Lunar New Year).

The best time of year to visit and trekking Sapa, Vietnam

What is the best time to travel Sapa, Vietnam and why you should start trekking Sapa in September...

The North of Vietnam has four seasons but Sapa only has two climate extremes: the cool season in summer - autumn and the cold season in the winter & spring.

The best time to trekking in Sapa
The best time to trekking in Sapa. Photo: zing.vn

Vietnamese people like to explore or relax in Sapa at any time of the year: in the summer, they come here for vacation and get away from the heat in Hanoi. In the winter, they usually come here to see the snow because Vietnam is a country with tropical climate, there is rarely snow.