Photos of Hanoi Red River bridge

Hanoi capital has two famous bridges, those are Long Bien bridge and The Huc bridge. The Huc bridge  in other name is called Hanoi Red Bridge and other name of Long Bien bridge is Hanoi Red River bridge.

Hanoi Red River bridge -
Hanoi Red River bridge in the sunset. Photo: Xuan Phong

Each of bridge has a history of its own, and their similarities that have a very longstanding history.

Perhaps you do not need to remember alot. You can just know this is the first steel bridge across the Red River in Hanoi, and was built in Vietnam's French colonial period (1898-1902). Originally, the bridge was named Doumer, named after Governor General of Indochina, Paul Doumer.

After 1945, this bridge is called the Long Bien. For over one century, this bridge is still remained intact.

Hanoi Red River bridge 2-
Hanoi Red River bridge at the sunrse. Photo: Hai Ha

Long Bien bridge became a symbol of Hanoi. It is associated with many memories of Hanoi people, not only in war, but also in everyday life.

Note that Red River Bridge is one of the most beautiful places to view sunrise and watch sunset in Hanoi.

Every morning, thousands of farmers and street vendors usally cross this bridge from the other side, go to Hanoi's Old Quarter to sell their goods and agricultural products.

For architecture, this bridge is nothing special, but it's became more beautiful than because being across the biggest river in Hanoi, Red River.

These are some Photos of Long Bien - Hanoi Red River bridge:

Hanoi Red River bridge -
On the Long Bien bridge. Photo: Hai Ha

Hanoi Red River bridge -
Long Bien bridge and behind is Chuong Duong bridge which was newly constructed

Hanoi Red River bridge -
The women street vendors was acrossing the bridge to go to Hanoi center. Photo: Cam Ly

Hanoi Red River bridge -
Photos of Hanoi Red River bridge. Photo: Phung Tuan

Hanoi Red River bridge -
Every day, there are so many people walk on to Long Bien Bridge to take photos. Photo: vnexpress

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Long Bien and Red River Map: