What is "bia hoi Hanoi" - Vietnam?

Maybe you will ask me the question: What is "bia hoi Hanoi"? What is bia hoi Hanoi made from?

Perhaps this is the first time you hear the name of "bia hoi Hanoi". If I would understood in a simple way, "bia" means the beer and "hoi" is meaning "air". "Bia hoi" means that, when the beer has just been produced, still fresh, has just fermented, you were able poured from barrels to drinking.

Bia hoi Hanoi Vietnam
Bia hoi Hanoi Vietnam. Photo: Le Hieu

In fact, Bia hoi Hanoi is also just like draft beer or fresh beer in anywhere you come or in your country.

What is bia hoi Hanoi made from?

"Bia hoi Hanoi" beer is made from barley. The three main ingredients to make "biahoi" beer in Hanoi are including barley, ground water source in Hanoi and the malt.

I want to say more about the ground water source in Hanoi, it is the important element to make the quality of "Hanoi bia hoi" beer. If we use water in other places, it would not be able to make the beers like now. [Read more: Is Hanoi water safe to drink]

In Saigon also has "bia hoi" and maybe called "bia hoi Saigon" or "bia hoi Hanoi" but Saigon people almost would not like drinking bia hoi beer as Hanoi people. Because bia hoi Saigon is not as savory as Hanoi bia hoi beer.

bia hoi beer in hanoi
Bia hoi beer in Hanoi

If you'd like drinking the Germany's draft beer in Hanoi, there is a place for you enjoy it, that is Hanoi Legend Beer in Ham Ca Map restaurant (located very close Hoan Kiem Lake, one of the best view places in Hanoi).

History of Draught beer Hanoi

Hanoi Draught beer has been made from the French colonial period. From the decades of 60-70 - 80, people in Hanoi were drinking beer, but at that time, the number of beer restaurants is so less. Draught beer is sold in commercial stores, by the form of distributions.

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Since the 90s of the 20th century, the Hanoi bia hoi beer has began to flourish in Hanoi. Almost Hanoi beer crates (we call them are bomb because look like the bombs) now are manufactured by Hanoi Beer Factory (Habeco). However, there are also a number of small private establishments also are producing this beer.

Bia hoi Hanoi
Bia hoi Hanoi. Photo: Le Hieu

Nowaday, Hanoi Beer Factory produces two beers including bottled beer and draft beer (bia hoi). If you travel to Hanoi - Vietnam, you can drinking all of two this beer.

How much is "bia hoi Hanoi" cost and price?

I am very surprise to know that bia hoi Hanoi has been almost tourists evaluated as the world's cheapest beer.

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Present day, the price of one mug (or glass) of Hanoi bia hoi beer is only 10.000 VND. If you have 1 USD, you can drink two beer glasses in Hanoi. Before, one Hanoi beer mug just costs 4.000-5.000 VND. It is the cheapest beer in the world

Hanoi best bia hoi in Hanoi Old Quarter 

If you arrive Hanoi, you can drink "bia hoi" in anywhere, almost every street in Hanoi Old Quarter  also has the beer restaurants.

bia hoi hanoi old quarter
Bia hoi Hanoi Old Quarter: Ta Hien - bia hoi street. Photo: Nguyen Dung 

However, where many tourists usualy come to, that is Hanoi Bia Hoi Corner Restaurant in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Where to get bia hoi in hanoi

Address of Hanoi Bia Hoi Corner in the intersection of Ta Hien street and Luong Ngoc Quyen street. But bia hoi main street in Hanoi is just Tang Bat Ho street, from the south of Hoan Kiem Lake about 2km.

The places where Hanoi people often drinking beer are the Lan Chin's beer restaurants but I advise you should to drink beer in the old quarter, because just here you can sit to watching the crowded and bustle streets of Hanoi.- Hanoi weather

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