Where is Hanoi located on the map?

Hanoi has become so familiar to me, but it could be a unknown city to you. And therefore, perhaps you still do not know yet where Hanoi located in Vietnam is.

where is hanoi located in vietnam
Where is Hanoi located in Vietnam: Hoan Kiem Lake. Photo: Long Nguyen

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If you travel to Hanoi first time, you just need know that, Hanoi is a small city and located in the Northern of Vietnam - called Tonkin (Bac bo).

Hanoi is situated between the Red River Delta, is a very wonderful terrain place in history. Red River is the source of the Vietnam's northern plains and Hanoi.

If you look on a Google map, you will see my country of Vietnam has S-shaped. And Hanoi is the bright spot with a yellow star.

Hanoi airport is located in the suburb and about 15km from away the center of the North of Hanoi city.

Hanoi Airport Photos
Hanoi Airport - Photo: Lam Phung

Hanoi airport is connected to many other international airports in Asia. In Vietnam, there are two major airports, that are Hanoi airport and Ho Chi Minh airport (or called Tan Son Nhat airport). But if you arrive Vietnam via Ho Chi Minh airport (located in Southern Vietnam and Mekong Delta), and then you will have to continue flying from Sai Gon to Hanoi. Read more: How to go to Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh

If you want to travel through 3 countries of Indochina and Thailand or Malaysia, Indonesia... I advise you should flying straight to Hanoi first and then you will continue flying to Hue airport or Cam Ranh - Nha Trang airport and then is Ho Chi Minh airport to go to Campuchia and Thailand...

Where is Hanoi located on the map 2
Where is Hanoi located on the map: From West Lake. Photo: Xuan Quynh

If you travel to China, you just buy a plane ticket to Hanoi.

Our country is small but very long. And so, we has many different weather patterns and climate. If you go to Hanoi in December, Hanoi weather is cold but Ho Chi Minh weather is still so hot.

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Now I think you have known something about Hanoi with your question: Where is Hanoi? If you still have not clearly know yet, you can see more Hanoi map below: