Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam - shopping centre at Hanoi old quarter

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and it is located to the north of Vietnam. Hanoi centre is Hanoi Old Quarter, it is near by Red river. Around the Hanoi Old Quarter is new urban areas that are being developed and continuing to be enlarged.

Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam - shopping centre at Hanoi old quarter
Hang Gai Street in Hanoi Old Quarter. Photo:

When you arrive in Hanoi, I’m sure that you want to find out a hotel or a hostel and both of them are very cheap in this  street. This is the place that tourists from everywhere like best, not only because it is still preserved old architectures but also because it is the rare old quarter in the world.

Up to now, Hanoi Old Quarter is a shopping centre and it is a small business place of Hanoi people and  people in the north Vietnam. All of them gather this area.

I also would add that, centre market of Hanoi Old Quarter is Dong Xuan market. However, in fact that, 36 streets surround Dong Xuan market is the largest market. It provides thousands of products and souvenirs that is produced from hundred of villages, factories and workshops, which are located surround Hanoi capital or in the suburbs of Hanoi.

I'v read oversea magazines and I realize that these are many peoples have ever written about shopping streets in Hanoi… So, I don’t want to write more about this.

Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam
Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam

In this succinct article, I only want to introduce to you a few shopping street addresses in Hanoi Old Quarter, around Hoan Kiem Lake (Turtle Tower) that have many tourists rent hotels and they want to wander about that streets, too.

In my opinion, there are the best streets to shopping in Hanoi in the eyes of foreigners as you.

I know that everyone has separate hobbies. However, if you travel in Hanoi, you should find out and buy some products as silk, cotton cloth, silver jewelry, porcelain ware, handicraft production, broidery. Ofcourse, if you don’t forget bargain, you can buy a good bargain.

Best shopping street in Hanoi Vietnam
Best shopping street in Hanoi Vietnam. Photo: Nguyen Hung

The feature of Hanoi is it forms streets show the same produces, which advantages over tourists because they have many choices when they buy a souvenir.

The following are four streets where most tourist choose:

Hang Bac street

The name of this street also is the name of produces that is being showed in this street for hundreds of years: silver jewellery. If you walk through the street, you can meet dozens of stores, shops of gold and silver business. As well as, there has many watches. You can ask they make a silver ring inscribe with your name.

Hanoi old quarter shopping
Hanoi old quarter shopping in Hang Bac street

Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam: Hang Bac Street
Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam: Hang Bac Street

This street locates in the centre of Old Quarter, it is near to the Hanoi night market and it is far from Turtle Tower about 500 metres going north. This street is very near Ta Hien street (Hanoi Bia hoi) and the 87 Ma May Old House.

Hang Dao street

In the fact that, Hang Dao street and Hang Buom street is only a branch of road, Hang Dao is the main street and it is large in the Hanoi Old Quarter. This street runs from the north of  Hoan Kiem Lake to Dong Xuan market. If you walk along the Hang Dao street about 100 metres, you will see a crossroads, then you turn right, you will see Hang Bac street.

Sopping Centre Hanoi Old Quarter
Clother shops in Hang Dao Street at night. Photo: Thanh Vuong

Hang Dao is a place where in the fashion business, there are many clothes, footwear. Almost previous tourists advise people come after to find out Hang Dao street in order to buy warm clothes if they come Hanoi in winter. However, clothes in this street don’t have many large sizes that is suitable for European and American. So, the most buyers is Vietnamese or some of tourists, such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese...

Hang Trong street

Hang Trong is a street that runs parallel with the side of the west road of Hoan Kiem Lake. If you want to walk from Hang Dao street to Hang Trong street about 100 metres, you can walk towards Hang Gai and then turn left to Hang Trong street or walk along Luong Van Can - Bao Khanh street. From Hang Trong street, you can take a turn to the St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi in order to take photos.

Shopping centre at Hanoi old quarter
Shopping centre at Hanoi old quarter: the galleries in Hang Trong Street

In Hang Trong, the most popular commodities is handmade products, they are made by craftsmans who live in villages on the outskirts of Hanoi. I see many tourists who often come here in order to buy lacquer paintings, lacquerware paintings (that are only see in Vietnam), embroideries, silks, pillows, brocade bags… This street has many stores that receive guests who want to ask to make clothes or long dresses what tourists can get immediately.

One of favorite handmade stores is Chie Handmade, it’s address is 66 Hang Trong street, this store is professional in textiles, souvenirs and handicraft clothes.

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi
The St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

In the past, at Bao Khanh alleyway and Hang Trong street have many art picture galleries of famous Vietnamese artists. However, nowadays, these galleries are moved to Ly Quoc Su street (it is located in front of the doors of the St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi) and it is parallel with Hang Trong.

Together with the canvases stores and the lacquer paintings stores, Hang Trong has some of stores which show many water puppets (they are properties use to perform but after the time, these water puppets broken down, then owners sell them to tourists in order for they make keepsake).

Cong coffee shop in Ly Quoc Su and Nha Tho Street
Cong coffee shop in Ly Quoc Su and Nha Tho Street

Between Hang Trong and Ly Quoc Su street is Nha Tho street (this street is named the same with the name of the main church (Hanoi Cathedral) - St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi). The corner between Ly Quoc Su and Nha Tho street is Cong coffee shop (it means Plus cafe) that is very famous that many tourists find out to drink coconut milk- coffee.

Hang Gai street

Hang Gai street extends about 200 metres, it starts from Hang Dao street and Hoan Kiem Lake toward Cua Nam crossroads. This place sells types of silk that are high grade. In this street, you should visit Tan My silk is a silk store which is very familiar with foreign visitors.

Best shopping street in Hanoi Vietnam
Best shopping street in Hanoi Vietnam

From Hang Gai, you can turn on Ly Quoc Su street and Hang Trong street, then you can walk to the Hanoi Cathedral and Cong coffee shop.


Hang Bac street, Hang Dao street, Hang Trong street and Hang Gai street are located around Hoan Kiem Lake and primarily, they locate to the side of the West and the North of Hoan Kiem Lake. This place has many restaurants, bars, massage centres, beauty salon that is luxurious and famous in Hanoi.

Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam - shopping centre at Hanoi old quarter
Shopping streets in Hanoi Vietnam - shopping centre at Hanoi old quarter

If you don’t buy anything in that streets, I advice you should go to Hanoi night market on Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday nights in order to visit and go shopping. In this period, thousand of produces from everywhere will show to sell for tourists who are foreigner, domestic tourists and inhabitant.

As well as, tenth of another streets in Hanoi show many unique products for sell. However, primarily that for the Hanoi people come for visiting and shopping.

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