Hanoi weather in October

If the autumn is the most beautiful and wonderful season in the year so the October is the most beautiful month during the autumn in Hanoi and Vietnam.

Hanoi weather in Octorber
The facades of  Sofitel Legend Metropole - stay in the heart of Hanoi‎. Photo: Kenn Nguyen

In October, the Hanoi autumn becomes the most memorable. That is the season which the artists in Vietnam usually choose as the topics to compose songs and poems. There were so many songs about the Hanoi autumn and the October in Hanoi.

Because the weather in Hanoi in October always make people feel be loved. I want to mean that Hanoi weather in October is making people feel the romance in mind and want to be closer together.

Hanoi weather in Octorber - hanoiweather.info
The coffee sidewalks in the Hanoi Old Quater. Photo: Hieu Tran

By the mid - October, it began appearing scattered dew in Hanoi and North Vietnam. If you go to the Long Bien - Hanoi Red River bridge to watch the sunset, you will see the hazy mist on the horizon.

However, in October, the sunshine in Hanoi still brilliant, but not as sharp as the end of August or during the summer, but it will changes its color to bright yellow as the color of honey.

In the October morning, if you rent a hotel room in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, you will crave go out into the street to sit drinking coffee on the sidewalks in Hanoi with young people.

So, how is the temperature in Hanoi in October?

1. At night: usually around 23-25 degrees Celsius
2. In daytime: 28-33 degrees Celsius

Hanoi weather in Octorber - hanoiweather.info
Milky flower trees at Au Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem dictrist, next to the St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi. Photo: Nguyen Bon

If you walk around in the evening, you will feel cool or slightly cold (there is a little cold wind). The experts on meteorological forecast in Vietnam Meteorological Forecasting Center once said to me that, in November, it usually began to appear a few cold air waves that move from the mainland of Russia through China and then overflowing on to Vietnam after about one month. Therefore, at the end of October, Hanoi weather started cold, but only in moderation. Alternating between the slightly cold snaps are beautiful sunny days.

And there is one thing is certain that the weather in Hanoi in October is always nicer than Hanoi weather in September. If you are still wonderting with a your question: Should I visit Hanoi, please read more this article: http://goo.gl/TVucs1

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