What is the weather like in Hanoi in August?

The weather in Hanoi during August is really pleasant. If you are planning to to travel to Hanoi, you should start your journey in August.

Hanoi average temperature august
Hanoi average temperature august: 26-32 degrees Celsius. Photo: zing

August is a specially month in the year in Vietnam's capital because it is the beginning of autumn in Hanoi.

In the first period of August, the weather is still hot with the highest temperature is 33 – 35 degrees Celsius and it is about 26 to 27 degrees Celsius at night because of the effect of the summer in July.

However, the temperatures will decrease much around the end of August in Hanoi as well as Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, Sapa… and the North of Vietnam. People can start to feel a bit autumn air in late August and early September.

Hanoi old quarter in August
Hanoi old quarter in August. Photo: zing

If you stand on Long Bien Bridge which crossing over Red river or you walk along to West Lake, you can view the beautiful sunset with the sun behind the thin fog.

Daytime will be shorter in Hanoi as the sun sets at 6 P.M at the end of August but it sets at 7 P.M in June. It still appears hot days on some days which you can feel your skin is more darken if you drives motorbike on the streets and roads but it isn’t as hot as fire in May or June.

Hanoi weather late august
Hanoi weather at late August

From August to October, the climate starts moving to the dry season, rare of rain instead of consecutive sunny days in Hanoi. However, large tropical storms may able to occur in the East Sea – Pacific Ocean.

The weather gradually moves to cool so many Hanoi people like travelling to lovely places such as Sa Pa, Moc Chau, Ha Giang, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An etc… in this time.

Hanoi vietnam weather in august
You can visitting Hanoi vietnam in August. Photo: Hoai Anh

If you go to Hanoi in August, you just wear a pair of shorts, T-shirt, canvas shoes to walk around comfortably without any hat, scarf, coach or sunglasses.

This is also the best time to go to Ha Long Bay or Sapa from August to October while it’s raining in Ho Chi Minh city in August.